Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back to Basics

It's much more effective to wrap your jiu jitsu game around themes as opposed to preferences. You may like this move or that move but does it all blend together well? Is it unifying? Are they even in the same category?

The unifying theme in my game now, are the basics. The fundamental moves of the original jiu jitsu system. Cross collar first, armbar second, triangle third, omaplata fourth. In that order. A hierarchy of moves.

We do all these hip drills, so how can we not use them in our game? Engaging the hips, the technical get up, hip switch, etc. Other common themes I notice, blocking. Blocking a limb to get a sweep as opposed to pulling on a limb to get a sweep. Also arching your back and making your chest proud to eliminate space as opposed to trying to stick to your opponent like glue. Also pinching your knees against their hips, from mount or guard and engaging your hips when they try to tip you over.

Also the idea that, if you have a shit collar choke, you have a shit game. You can go from choke to armbar but you can't go from armbar to choke. Hence the hierarchy of moves. All moves were not created equal. People needed to create new moves and set ups once they forgot the details that made a move work. Like pulling the arm across the center line for an armbar by swinging your legs. Or if you can't break the center line, putting your foot on their hip and engaging the hips before the armbar.


  1. i see that you have watched me roll and wrote it done for your blog...



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