Friday, May 7, 2010

BJJ, Horse, and Bull Wrangling

I was looking at some segments of BJJ the other day and started to draw some conclusions. I have been trying to fine tune the mount and back control and I realize it is the same as horse riding and bull wrangling!

The mount is like horse riding. What is the main thing that keeps you from being bucked off the horse is the tension you create with your legs around their body. Always squeezing. A lot of us from mount grapevine or get low and keep our knees wide, or even tripod up.

On a horse though, you are pinching, and either sitting, half sitting, posting, or posting and learning forward depending on what the beast is doing. The more he bucks, the more its unstable the more you lean and post. The calmer it is, the more you are seated, but still pinching. Now if you sit while they buck, you will fly off. You need to ride and match and time their bucks or jumps. Same with a person. If your tied to them and heavy on them when they bridge or buck, you will go where they go. So it 50/50. They control you and you control them. You don't want that, you want to be the master. Their movements should not affect you. Its all still about sensitivity.

Now back control is like bull wrangling. Like a bull, an opponent who gives you their back, the most important thing is that head control. It's more important than your leg position. And you have to stay tight and connected as opposed to when you are on mount, when you post. From the back you stay tight on them and as they fall or roll you stay tight on them and roll with them, letting them take you with them, breaking their will and suffocating their neck. Sagging and driving them down onto the mat. Just like back control to the choke.

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