Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Day at the Worlds...

Another day, saw some of the open weight matches for purple and black belt as well as the qualifying black belt matches. Roger is usually one of my favorites to watch but now that I am under Paragon I have a more vested interest in Bill Cooper.

Things I learned today was, if you train with guys you are better than, you will get a fall impression about your moves. You will try moves that you think will work, but the greatest gauge to see the effectiveness of a move is to try it on someone better than you. Sometimes you see guys lose not because they got outplayed but because they made poor technique choices.

Another big thing that I see with the winners are the grips. Their gripping system. There is never a moment they do not have grips. And they always have 2 grips, not just one. The reason being, without grips there is no tension. Without tension you cannot pull off any move, sweep, submission or otherwise. So what are the feet doing? Pushing or pulling or lifting. Helping your hand grips get more tension. You need 2 grips to control 2 sides of your opponent, only controlling one side and the grips become very easy to counter. Collar and sleeve, 2 sleeves, collar and pant, collar and knee, double knee grip, power grip and knee grip. Those were the most common grips that I saw. The feet position were either on biceps, or hips or butterfly. Or shin across your opponent to block and push.

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