Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Grips

At the highest levels, the thing that makes the difference are the grips. Whoever wins the grip battles wins the war. It's like whoever has more bullets wins.

With the gi, you should always have 2 handfuls of gi. Whether it's double sleeve, sleeve collar, sleeve ankle, or ankle collar. If nothing else a handful of jacket material or knee material. Doesn't matter, with the gi there is no excuse for not having 2 grips. Furthermore with gi, you shouldn't ever have a situation where you pull guard with no grips, or have one fighter sitting on the ground and one fighter standing, neither one with grips. That is trying to play a no gi game with the gi. Never accept having no grips. Start with one grip and work your way up. Or start with pulling the guy towards you or pressuring into him and getting your grips. You can't use a no gi game with gi and you can't use a gi game with no gi, they are 2 separate sports. Top and bottom players both need grips. They are equally at a disadvantage with no grips. You should never have a situation where people are disengaged or there is no contact, that is a no gi game.

One situation, you are on your back, he broke all your grips. He is driving a knee through. You grab his ankle. He bends down to break your ankle grip. You grab his collar. He breaks your ankle grip, you counter grip his sleeve. Now you got sleeve and collar control. Now your feet can move to his hips. That is one scenario of one player out gripping another.

Now in no gi its different. You will have situations with neither guy having a grip. In that case the top guy is in a better position. This is a huge reason why no gi is a different sport. Not only that but grips. You have fight a lot of times with just one grip and your other hand posting. Or constantly try to recover because you lost a grip due to sweat. You have to grab wrists, ankles, neck, head, chin, underhooks, overhooks, and thread your leg through their legs. The most effective no gi grips are ankle, chin, underhooks. But the other ones are also effective based on what you are attempting. What is also different is the top guy can use more wrestling, you may have better BJJ but they can counter with their wrestling. They can even pass like its a shot. Wrestlers will try to pass, back out and disengage to repass like its a reshot. You have to learn to wrestle off your butt. Come up for singles, go for darces. There will be a lot of disengaging as well. So you end up neutral a lot. If you notice you do this with the gi as weill, you are playing the wrong sport. Like trying to play badmitton in a tennis game, and better guys will smash you.

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