Friday, June 4, 2010

Things I Gleaned from the Mundials 2010 Purple Belt

Purple Belt division was today. This division is typically one of the best to watch becomes its the time where guys are creating their own game, and some moves they have mastered at a black belt level. But then other things they aren't as strong in. So it allows for great game play and sometimes mismatches. When you get lucky, it allows both players to play what they are good at because one players weakness is the other players strengths.

I saw a new region that also did well today. The Nordic region. From Norway, Sweden, Iceland, to Finland. These guys brought some monsters who won their divisions in the heavier categories. I think Middle-Heavy and Heavy.

I saw a lot of finishes with triangle. I think because at this level, with other submissions its harder to have the submission locked on while maintaining control. With the triangle it is a submission that not only chokes, but breaks posture, and locks them in place. Sleeve and collar grips were key, using omaplata to sweep or set up triangles. The key for the top man is break the grip off your collar and get a grip on their knees. Bottom man must break the grips off the knees and set up grips on the collar.

Majority of the winners pulled guard. Whereas in black belt, a lot of the top players do well. The key at purple belt was using the shins to jam, controlling the ankle, using collar grip to direct and redirect the opponent's head and direction. The passes I saw used were toreando variations or toreando off of a knee thru pass.

Some standouts were Jordan Schultz and Beneil Dariush who attacked and nearly finished all their opponents. I wish I knew some of the European guys but they were awesome too. Literally the guys I watched use 3-4 moves, but they knew those moves inside and out. Goes to show it's not about being a man of a million moves but perfecting a few moves.

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