Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why Am I Beating This Guy Now?

There are always the big strong guys who come to the dojo the same time you do, sign up when you do, who just due to sheer attributes beats you consistently. But over time, who knows somewhere at blue, purple, hell maybe even brown you start to beat them. Why?

Sometimes the answer is simple...

It is much faster and easier to improve technique than it is strength. Some guys are always a tough roll because of size and strength and though you may not beat them easy, over time you finally caught them once. Then again. Then you guys were even. Then you started edging them. Then now they can't touch you. Sure it's always tough and a long roll but its always a shut out.

Technique is always something that can improve and get better. Strength and size on the other hand...let's say you can do 14 pull ups right now and you are pretty damn strong. It may take you a whole year to get to 15 push ups in a row. Lets say your max bench is 250. It may take years to get to 270 if you ever get there at all without massive weight gain. Same with vertical leap, they say you can maybe add an inch a year until you can't add any at all.

Whereas technique, until the day you die you can improve it and refine it. So if you were smart, where would be the most efficient use of your time? Strength building or technique refining? This is also coming from a full-time personal trainer. Now don't get me wrong, you still no matter how technical need some amount of functional strength. This though will develop naturally with enough mat time and doing the class warm ups or some calisthenics or simple work outs.

Now if you are on the flip side (and unfortunately this is most people) where you are weak and not technical and though weak still try to muscle moves and not work on your technique (or even do any conditioning to get into better shape). I guess you will always be fodder for either the technicians or the strong dudes. Survival of the fittest and you are doomed for extinction because you lack the tools to survive on the mat. Ego. Get rid of it. Nothing worse than someone physically and mentally feeble who walks into the mat, complains about being bullied, yet spends no outside time trying to get better or even in better shape. It's one thing to be weak, lack technique, but on top of all that don't also be stupid.

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  1. Feebles have no place in BJJ. Johhny K will eat them alive!



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