Friday, October 15, 2010

Royce Gracie Is A Magician

When I first saw the UFC and did not understand the ground game, I like many people who started out in striking martial arts didn't understand what Royce was doing. My simple teen mind just chalked it up to being magic. Wow that was magic, Royce just did magic. He was on his back and getting smashed and used some ancient magic trick to make the guy give up. Now since then my understanding of ground fighting has become more sophisticated and the veil of magic has been lifted.

For some though that veil will never be lifted. They will always see things as magical tricks. Jiu Jitsu and being technical to them becomes about learning tricks. As many tricks as you can, drilling them AKA practicing them as many times as you can and voila you are some BJJ magician. If it were only like that. If I wanted to learn magic and learned a few magic tricks and practiced them over and over I wouldn't then be a magician. I would just be a guy who knew a few tricks. To become a magician I have to understand broad concepts of the human mind, visual perception, sleight of hand, distracting, etc. Then I don't need tricks because I can create my own or improve upon older ideas and concepts.

With Jiu Jitsu it also becomes imperative that you don't see moves as tricks, or as a series of tricks chained together. Or view a move as a trick period. A move is the application of a Jiu Jitsu concept. You learn tricks you are a guy who knows tricks. You learn ideas and you become a master.

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