Sunday, January 23, 2011


After a visit to my doctor's I have damaged my LCL and meniscus. I didn't get an MRI to see the full extent due to being like a lot of people having no insurance and unable to pay for that out of pocket. It's a common problem for a lot of BJJ guys, having no insurance. For me since working for myself, I had to apply for individual insurance and got denied for pre-existing conditions. Basically all the times I used insurance in the past to treat  BJJ injuries from use of chiros, physical therapy, x-rays, etc.

So I will probably be out of rolling for 6 weeks. This coming week will be my first week of trying to stretch out and rehab my leg. Good thing I'm a trainer. While away from that mat I have had to think about how to adjust my game once I am back. I can't play the same game.

I have to sit up more, play more half guard and possibly deep half guard, be more aggressive from guard. Try to get on top often. Work more on angles and avoid direct weight.

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