Sunday, January 30, 2011


What would Roger Gracie do? I ask myself this often when I am training. I notice with most of the best guys, they are some of the most humble people in the world. I think there is a reason for this. In an interview Roger said he gets better each year because he is trying to get better each year. His mount improves each year. You see some guys who keep winning The Worlds. Then you see guys who win it once and disappear. He theorizes that their goal was to just win it once, their goal was not to constantly improve. They got good enough to win and that was good enough for them.

With the truly elite guys, what strikes most people is that they are very humble. Which is not an odd thing, as there are many humble people in the world. It's surprising though in a macho art that someone who has accomplished so much doesn't gloat it over everyone. When you see people in your own academy let's say who have won something meaningless, or won nothing for that matter who constantly has to toot their own horn. So you assume then by that logic, if someone who does so little brags so much, someone who does so much must brag even more. Not the case. The best guys are the most humble (with exceptions).

I believe they are the best because of this humility. Whether it's Roger, Marcello, Cobrinha, Rafael Lovato Jr, etc. It's their obsession, that nothing they do is good enough. They could always do better, improve more, learn more. If you think you are the best or know it all, there is nothing to improve. Even Roger, the best at the mount, doesn't think he knows everything about the mount, so he gets better. Humility it seems coincides with that obsessive nature, that perfectionist attitude, that want to always improve, that winning mindset. Improving is the goal, winning is the bi-product. If winning is the goal, then you will never truly improve to elite level.

Ego gets in the way of seeing your holes. Humility makes you obsess over your holes.

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  1. Very good blog. I think that it is very true, you must always try to improve. Does Oneil believe in humble???



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