Thursday, February 10, 2011

Investing Time

During my injury, I have still tried to go back to the academy and at least watch, or do the techniques I can do. I hate time off from the mat. It goes back to when I was a financial adviser. One concept in investments is, it's hard to play catch up, and you cannot ever make up loss of opportunity.

In investments, it's always better to start early and be consistent. If you take two people, Person A and Person B and they both start out with 100 dollars, Person A gets 5% return and adds $10 every week. Person B gets 7% and also adds $10, but Person B starts one year after Person A. Let's say three years pass. Person A even with the lower rate of return will have more money than Person B still due to compounding interest and the time advantage.

So how does this relate to training? Sometimes a person has a better learning curve, or sometimes a person has a better school, or training partners, or even instructor. How do sometimes great BJJ players come out of some of the most modest schools? Here are some factors. They started early. And they were consistent.

It's not impossible to play catch up but it's very difficult. You also have to hope the other person plateaus, or doesn't train as much as you do. What I lose, or any of us lose when we step off the mat or don't train or maybe always thought about learning BJJ but didn't isn't just time: it's also compounded talent, and a variety of training experiences. Both hard to make up. I've been to terrible schools, with poor instruction, lack of good training partners, yet there were always a couple of monsters who were world class. The school was old, and the monsters started at age 9. They were in their twenties when I met them. Few people in the US had as much mat time as they did even if it wasn't always best quality. That is hard to make up for.

In training, in life, in investments: the second best time to start is today, the best time to start was yesterday.

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