Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Low Barrier

One of the things I have noticed, that never changes from school to school is, every school has the same percentage of good guys. Some schools have more good guys, but they also have more people. The percentage still remains the same. Being with Paragon, we always envied the Santa Barbara campus, the guys here in Hollywood. But at the end of the day, they just have more guys at that academy, so just more good guys. I believe the percentage will also remain the same.

The reason for this is low barrier. Meaning yes, MIT has more top level students that let's say a community college. But MIT also has a harder admissions requirement. Same with high level programs of any kind, they all have a screening process or try outs. BJJ or any martial arts, does not have this. They have low, or no barrier.

Anyone is allowed to train. There is no varsity team. So unlike a stellar sports program where only the elite of the elite make it onto a team, BJJ a slice of life of our real population.  And our population, the majority of them are, well average because they are the majority. There are also the nonathletic, overweight, etc. This is a good thing, it allows anyone to participate and learn how to defend themselves or compete. Which is what brings a lot of people through the door. So with that kind of barrier, only a handful of guys in any school will be excellent and there will be a huge gap between them and the rest of the class. This is just life, there is nothing fair or unfair about it. There are millionaires in real life and there are the rest of us.

I know people sometimes equate their failures in the sport to their environment, and that is also a contributing factor. They also have to factor this, if BJJ was like any other high level sport and had a high barrier, you probably wouldn't have even had a chance to participate period. No sport will allow someone with no experience walk in and join the team, especially someone who is over 21. Because anyone who excels in any sport start out young, have a high physical readiness, and never give up.

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