Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Training Again

I went to my first class today to train after 2 weeks. I didn't do any of the warm up stuff. Just the technique. Then did some rolling, very light and slow (mainly slow to give my leg time to move out of bad spots). I wanted to roll a bit instead of just drill techniques, because I need to rewire my game, see what works and won't work with a bum left knee. Quickly realizing that a lot of normal open guard stuff was not working for me without causing discomfort. I had to rely on a lot of stand up techniques, or sweep attempts when they stand up, or when they crowd me going to deep half or playing a elbow to knee frame open guard. Closed guard was out of the picture right now as that lateral pressure was uncomfortable.

In passing I had to concede to half guard a lot, or keep my feet far away and rely on heavy downward pressure.

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