Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Too many choices, and you get breaks in your rhythm. You have moments of hesitation. Timing is off. Simplify your game, don't try to learn every move. Learn what works for you, if a new move comes down the line that you get caught in, instead of learning new ways to counter, learn ways to avoid and play your game.

From the bottom, when they crowd you, close guard. They is a little space, shin across their waist or feet on hips and push them away. If they drive in, close guard. If they back up, stand up. If they are standing far away, stand up.

From top, constant pressure, it may take a long time but it's a proven path. Do not detach, disconnect, break grips without backing up. Until you finally pass. From cross side, only look to mount. From mount, finish.

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