Sunday, March 20, 2011

The White Belt Pass

Sometimes a white belt will pass my guard easier than any other belt. Recently I rolled with this big white belt. He was a spaz. Literally his limbs were flailing everywhere and I was in constant fear that he would step on my face, so I had to cover my face up a lot so that he wouldn't accidentally hit me. That's when he would just jump and pass. Of course I would recover sweep, finish, etc.

I was training with a Rickson black belt once and he told me my guard is good against BJJ guys trying to pass my guard. What if it was someone untrained, flailing on me, spazzing, bigger strong, and someone not trying to conserve any energy? He pretended to be that guy and would pass quite easily. He just basically made me defend myself from injury and it would happen. My game was so designed to fight people who understood the ground game and conserved their energy, I didn't have the right moves for someone who was freaking out and willing to kill themselves to beat you in thirty seconds.

You see it in MMA when guys cover up on the ground, they get passed. Even against lesser guys. This is when you need good basics. Inverted guard won't save you from an accidental stomp to your nose.

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