Monday, April 25, 2011

I Saw Rickson In A Dream

I know sounds like I am obsessed with BJJ and I probably am. In my dream he told me, as a BJJ player we don't have as many takedowns as a judoka or a wrestler, so we must find one or two good ones and get very good at them. We don't have the time to catch up to a wrestler in wrestling, but we can get very good at one takedown. He told me the easiest and best one to learn was a single leg. Now probably in real life Rickson doesn't use a single leg takedown. In fact all the MMA fights I've seen, he's gone to the ground in a clinch.

But in my dream Rickson told me the single leg (a takedown I hardly ever use) was the most functional. He told me the reason was, it's the only takedown that forces the opponent to balance on one leg. He told me about the legs on a table and how the single leg is chopping one of those table legs off. Then I realized, so for this to happen and work, I have to hold my single leg in a way where 100% of their balance is on their balancing leg. Meaning that leg becomes so heavy they cannot hop around and look to balance.

On top of that, I have to keep them upright. If they can bend over, they can spread their weight on top of me and they can use me to balance. If I keep them up right and heavy on their foot, they will have very little balance.

I know in the end it was me telling myself this in the dream. But still a very cool dream.

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