Monday, May 16, 2011

BJJ Meeting Minutes

When you go into an official meeting, for legal reasons they will make meeting minutes. Which describes all the things that was said and that happened during the meeting. So in the minutes, you want everything said and done to be important and not to repeat.

It's the same with BJJ as far as efficiency. You don't want to have too many things on the meeting minutes, you want it to be short, concise and effective.

Like for example breaking posture and attempt an armbar. Let me break it down into a meeting minute.

1:01 Closes guard around opponent.
1:02 Grabs opponent's head and breaks posture.
1:03 Let's go of opponents head.
1:04 Grabs opponents arm.
1:05 Opens guard.
1:06 Opponent tries to stand up
1:07 Recloses guard.
1:08 Opponent postures.
1:09 Regrabs head.

I will stop here. You can see problem here. It's inefficient and a lot of repeats. Why grab the lead just to let it go for instance? Yet it happens all the time. People add extra unnecessary steps.

Here is a revised version:

1:01 Closes guard around opponent.
1:02 Grabs opponent's head and breaks posture.
1:03 Grabs opponents arm with one hand while still holding the head with the other hand.
1:04 Get perpendicular to opponent.
1:05 Opponent guard to swing leg over the head
1:06 Finish armbar.

90% of the time when someone messes up a move, its because they skipped a step or added too many steps to a move. And skipping steps or trying to remove too many steps usually ends up creating more steps. Too few steps would also be inefficient.

The key to efficiency is, it works forward or backwards. If you miss the armbar, you swing back go guard. You re-control their head and arm. If you lose that break their posture again. Work your way forward or backwards again until you get it right again.

It's like trying to scramble eggs. You take the eggs out of the freezer. You break them. Turn the heat on. You put the eggs back in the freezer. Pull out the pan. Turn the heat off. Pull the eggs back out. Scramble the eggs. Turn the heat back on. Scramble the eggs...

You could create a whole BJJ meeting minutes not just for moves you like, but for your whole game. Figure out what you naturally do by writing down everything you did in a roll or tournament match, and seeing what was necessary and unnecessary. But first you have to figure out what you want to accomplish and find the cleanest path to get there.

Break it down minute by minute, action by action.

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