Thursday, May 26, 2011


Sometimes people will get caught with a move and just look stupid. Caught sleeping. What was going on? Why did they just momentarily freeze or watch this happen to them? I think it's because of a lack of understanding of concepts and options. You get stuck in a position or a set up and you aren't quite sure what to do, you are going through your rollodex of moves and can't seem to find an answer quick enough and you are now tapping.

Even if you are in a position you've never been before, there are so many things that can happen when someone with 4 limbs fights another person with 4 limbs and one person is on top and one is on bottom. I think people freeze because they are looking at the move, but they don't look at the concept that is being expressed. If you just collect moves you will never be able to catch up. If you collect the few universal concepts of BJJ, wherever you end up, you won't get frozen asking yourself what to do. You will know to base, push, pull, or stand. You won't understand the move but you understand base and leverage.

For instance maybe you have never seen a certain sweep, but if you look at concept, you will know this sweep has to take you backwards at a 45 degree angle. So maybe you stagger your stance. Whenever I don't know what's going on in BJJ, I notice myself freezing for even a split second. Someone is just getting heavy and passing and sliding forward. If I focus on his hand configurations or the grips he is using to pass and get confused I may freeze and get passed. If I understand the concept that he is coming forward, I must escape by moving back. It's understanding base and leverage as opposed to seeing if I know exactly what move he's doing and the perfect counter.

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