Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jiu Jitsu Exists In Three Dimensions!

Sometimes people think of moves as 2D. Like a side scrolling character, you just either push or pull. It's easier to think like that, it takes time to expand your thought and mind and absorb BJJ in all dimensions.

An example, let's say you are trying to control someone, maybe with a guillotine grip. Eventually you want to submit them. Before you can submit them though, you have to stop them from escaping. If you are only squeezing in 2D, then they will escape. You have to control them in 3D. Meaning do not allow them to escape by moving forward or backwards, up or down, side to side, or pull out in a diagonal angle, or twisting angle, or rolling angle, etcs.

So often when I am teaching a beginner how to control my head in a guillotine, I find they are clamping down in just two ways. Not allowing me to escape going up, or to just one side. Everything else is loose and open. It takes time to fill up the gap in every angle but it's important for control of every kind.

Same is true for an armbar. You have to control in a way where they can't pull their arm forward or back, up or down, or roll out. Same is true for all control.

Some people get good at this over time mindlessly. Be mindful and get ahead of the curve.

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