Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let's Be Realistic

And set our expectations. If I am sparring with someone and they weight 270 and is about 6'5 of muscle and I am 5'10 but only 140, it obviously sounds like a mismatch. Common sense tells you this. Somehow though through martial arts, your common sense goes out the window. Here is why. You will then notice he is a white belt and I am a purple belt. Now you will think I have the advantage. You are wrong. Your first assumption was still correct. You see a big bear and see a fox, you don't care if the bear is young and the fox is old and wily, you just know from everything you've learned in life, the bear will win.

Especially if the big person is particularly aggressive. Now of course sometimes a hyper aggressive animal can fend off bigger animal like a badger verses a bear. But that's all he can do, is scare them off or fend them off. The bear might retreat but if the bear put his mind to it, it could kill that badger, I have never heard of a badger killing a bear. Poisonous animals being the exception but they too also end up dead in the fight against bigger animals.

So back to my imaginary fight. A lot of times a smaller guy will beat a larger guy in BJJ, but I notice in those times the bigger guy is very conservative, knows to fear submissions now, knows to respect higher belts skills. Like an elephant that's been whipped since his youth by the ringmaster. What if the bigger guy was very aggressive, didn't know to be scared of submissions, and didn't respect your rank? What happens when the elephant finally snaps and goes on a rampage?

There is a probability that I would catch this guy, maybe initially. After that if he stayed aggressive and realized that he shouldn't overextend, 9 times out of 10 he will smash me.  His size, strength, and 1 year of BJJ trumps my years and years of BJJ. But he trumps me in one way. In a straight up fight. This is the mistake people make and forget what BJJ was for. The whole reason someone like me gets into BJJ is because there was such a huge natural gap between me and would be giant bullies that I needed years and years just to have a chance and match up with them, not even to surpass them.

My mistake was to engage him in a straight up fight or a straight up match, which is poor strategy and planning on my part. All my training affords me the opportunity to prevent his takedown, or if taken down prevent his pass, stand up, and escape. Every time. Over and over. I don't want to use my jiu jitsu to defeat this guy, I have to use my jiu jitsu to diffuse the situation, escape the situation, nullify the situation, or not allow any bad results to happen from this situation.

Now a world class black belt may toy with a big guy like that but the black belt will be very athletic, and the skill gap will be quite phenomenal. But an average purple, or even an average black belt who is outweighed by over a hundred pounds will struggle if they engage head to head, move for move, bite for bite.

Someone bigger doesn't need to know all the techniques, because physics has blessed them with an automatic edge, mechanical advantage. Its why a bigger guy, even if they know nothing about the game of "mercy" and you are really good at it, if they are tall enough, they can hold their hands higher than yours and create that downward force until you beg for mercy. That's mechanical advantage and it doesn't matter what you know, they still own and possess it.

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