Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thanks For The Support

Internet truly brings the world together. Many blogs have given me write ups and linked me to their page. One of the ones I recently saw was this one:

Another is a school in Adelaide, South Australia who was generous enough to share a link to my blog to his students as a source of inspiration:

Along with this one, a new blue belt in Washington who is already waxing poetics about BJJ.

A youth BJJ coach and BJJ philospher.

So I've decided to share their sites as well to return the favor. I know there's more and others, thanks for the constant readership.


  1. Your writings are truely inspirational and I appreciate all of your knowlegde and hard work you put into BJJ and your blogs. If every BJJ athlete read your blogs, I honestly feel it'll help them with life and their BJJ games.



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