Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two Ideas For Playing Top

There are really only two ways to play top. One is the common way, which is to hover over your opponent and look for a quick submission or quickly improve position, or quickly get swept. You have the option to use more speed and can maneuver better because instead of pinning your opponent, you are hovering over them, with your weight on your knees or feet or arms or head or any combination. This gives you mobility to jump on something once your opponent makes a mistake. This is the speed player.

The other way to play top is to pin your weight on your opponent, this makes you less mobile but frees up your hands to look for a submission, or take your time as you look to improve position. There are high levels of both kinds of players. Actually there's probably more speed players than pinning players. The players who do pin though, almost look unstoppable. This is the positional player.

Speed takes more athleticism, position takes more patience and sensitivity. Depending on your natural aptitude, one is easier to learn than the other. But positional is much better for self defense, it is also much better if you are looking to conserve energy. BJJ, you always want to conserve energy and slap on a submission on a tired opponent. That's the best set up for any finish.

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