Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Connectedness and Attachment (Video Included)

Okay so I have made up terms for the sake of explaining some concepts. Such as centeredness and connectedness. But I feel these concepts are useful enough to be named.

I spoke about things that gets attached to you, especially to your center, stays attached. Once you make this connection, you want to keep this connection. I've also spoken about angles and dead weight. Using angles to make things more efficient and using angles to create better leverage. Also the idea of dead weight, to drop your center of gravity, but also to conserve your own energy. These are the concepts, I thought I would FINALLY make a video to show the application. By no means is this an instructional, nor is it created like one, nor am I even talking. I'm even being sloppy about a lot of things on purpose so we can focus purely on the concepts I have above mentioned.

Notice me falling like dead weight, falling at a 45° angle, maintaining the same distance and not allowing my opponent to create any more separation by chasing him up. Separation is the enemy of being connected. Also not yanking with my arm but staying close and using the strength of my back and my weight and leverage to fight the strength of his back to maintain posture under duress. Me being close has eliminated the use of his arms to posture whereas when their was distance, when I yanked just with my one arm, I had to fight his back and both of his arms.

Doing all of this has allowed me to be strong, even with only one arm. Imagine if I was using both.

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