Monday, July 11, 2011

Fulcrum, Load, And Effort In BJJ

So we've covered this before. I thought I would detail it out a bit more.

So here is a lever. Based on where the load is, this will affect the direction of the effort. Now this picture in real life can be flipped upside down, sideways, and roll in every direction. You have to imagine this as a 3-dimensional diagram. People get confused when applying certain holds, on where they are supposed to exert effort and where the pressure is supposed to be applied. A good example of someone who has this mastered is Marcello Garcia who will apply armlocks from all angles, even when you feel safe. He sees (or more like, he feels) where the fulcrum and load is at all times to create the effort.

Most of us are still watching this, trying to figure out where the fulcrum, load, and which way we are supposed to exert effort (extend). People started calling this the phantom armbar. But it's not, it works under the same principles as every other lever/armbar. May take a while but look for the fulcum, load, and which way he is exerting effort.

Here is a video I created to help explain ( I even include the simple version of the lock Marcello used. He of course modified it on the fly):


  1. What a wonderful example of the beauty of BJJ. Thank you for this post.



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