Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Greedy

Something I notice people do, they will slowly work their way, pressure, smash, technique, and inch and inch until they are in a good position. 90% to their goal, which may be to pass, sweep, or finish. With the end so close, they will just jump to the finish line, losing everything they worked for.

Like for example, passing. You've smashed their legs, pinned their hips, you are almost chest to chest, it's taken you quite a while, but you are almost there. With the pass nearly complete you get greedy and want to skip the last steps and just jump to the end, and winding up in their half guard. Staying patient for so long until you see the reward, then you just get greedy and want to take it, and ruin all the work you put it.

When you are so close, it's only a little bit further, just stay patient even when the goal is in sight, and finish it the same way you started: incrementally. Not diving for the finish line.


  1. Excellent advice. I remember hearing something similar to this in "Purple Belt Requirements" from Roy Dean (I believe it was this DVD) where he references passing guard to driving the ball in football. He said that you should take it 10 yards at a time instead of taking a shot at the end zone. One of the most important things I have learned from BJJ is patience.



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