Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guillotines, Ankle Locks, Overhooks, Oh My!

The way I squeeze all the moves that are based around my armpit are exactly the same. The way I do all my extension moves whether it's a knee bar or an armlock are the same. My wrist locks and heel hooks are the same. Triangles and rear chokes are the same. They are all universal. They all have one thing in common as well, 3 dimensional control.

The easiest way to show this is with any grip that you hold under your arm. Guillotines and anklelocks are good examples. You make sure you have it tight side to side, between my arms and my ribs. From there I hold it tight under their chin with my forearm, with upward pressure, and downward pressure pushing down on their head from my shoulder. Then I seal in all the gaps. Same with the ankle, secured against my rib and the side of my arm, holding it below the heel and pressing up with my forearm, and down on their toes with my shoulder. Then sealing in all the gaps and even trying to squeeze their toes together if I can like a vice.

I do the same thing when I hold onto an overhook, to keep them from escaping. Squeeze up, down, side to side and seal in the gaps.

Same is true for the triangle. I squeeze in tight from side to side with my thighs, down with my shin, up with my hips, and sealing in all the gaps by turning the corner.

From there they are stuck and you have a firm grip. Then how you finish it will vary slightly on how you are using this grip and for what purpose.

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