Thursday, July 7, 2011

Improvising Not The Same As Breaking The Rules

There is the saying, first learn the rules, then you can break them. I was having a conversation about how the true  judge of how strong your Jiu Jitsu ability is, is to learn the concepts and improvise. He said, "I've been telling you that, learn the rules first, then you can break them."

I don't think improvising is the same thing as breaking the rules. Improvising is learning all the rules and concepts, then improvising your application of them, or how you express them. You would never break the rules. Breaking the rules is more like, you learn the rules, know how it works, know its strengths and weaknesses, so that you can break the rules without getting exploited by it, because you know the rules so well.

An example of learning the rules to break them is, giving up your back to defend the pass. You know how the pass works, and you know giving up your back leads to a possible choke, so you do it with that in mind, and you learn to get good at giving up your back without getting caught and recovering.

Improvising would be, you know giving up your back can lead to a finish, and the rule of course is never give up your back, so when you are almost passed, instead of giving up your back, you still protect your back, and  improvise some way (whether you flip upside down or roll inverted or backwards somersault) to not give up your back and keep that between your legs.

Improvising is the truest form of not breaking the rules, and figuring out all the other ways you can apply the rule without breaking them. Breaking a rule takes no creativity, improvising, and learning to use the rules and concepts in all situations, that's a true sign of BJJ intelligence.

Einstein used to say that anyone can memorize things and regurgitate it, the truest form of intelligence is creativity. Sometimes the more technical knowledge you have, the less creative you become, getting too close to the problem. The more you memorize, the dumber you become in a way.

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  1. I agree. Seems like the more I roll the less technique I use and improvise more. It just seems that way but I guess that I just know more things. Giving up something to gain something, like your back to pass, is the baby steps of Jedi Jiu Jitsu. Best described as total mat confidence. At least that's my opinion.



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