Monday, July 18, 2011

Lead With Your Legs

A common problem people have not just in Jiu Jitsu, but in everything, is they lead with their hands or head or both. Like let's say you are passing, you look down at them and lead with your head, then you grab, then your legs follow. But now you are leaning forward so much, you can be easily swept. If not that, you are giving them enough space to play their guard. Same from bottom, instead of hip escaping and leading with your hips or legs, your are trying to shove them away with your arms or trying to escape your head away. Inefficient.

Try instead to lead with your legs, better yet your whole body, especially your hips. Then follow with your arms and head later.

You ever watch good climbers, on indoor walls and boulders, you will see they always lead with their legs and hip. Once their leg and hip have moved, then they follow with their arms. That is why girls learn to climb so much easier than guys. Guys are so grabby, they want to just grab and do pull ups to the end. Which is inefficient and tiring, as opposed to walking sideways and doing squats all the way up. The reason you have to do this is, the more space you create, the more gravity will pull you down. You lead with hips and legs, you eliminate space and use less strength.

Same with Jiu Jitsu or anything else that uses the body. You have to lead with the body, hips, legs first. A boxer with no footwork will never be in a position to throw any good punches.

Lead with your legs and body, use your arms just to help out. Your head will follow. You lead with your head and arms, your opponent will use that old saying "wherever the head goes the body follows" to counter you. Lead with your body, and they can't use your head to steer you.

Your hips, your legs, your body is so much stronger than your arms or neck. Lead with your best attributes.

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