Thursday, July 14, 2011

Strength Matters

It matters. No question. I may not agree it is the best thing to do, or easiest thing to teach, but it works. I tell people there's two ways to beat someone. You can out technique them or you can over power them. If they are better than you technically, and you are not strong enough to over power them, then you lose. If you are stronger and better, then you win every time.

Roger Gracie is one of those guys who is bigger, stronger, and on top of that better than most BJJ guys. If he can't beat your technique, he will just over power you.

Even Rickson had a daily morning work out that he said was to maximize his balance, flexibility, and strength. So the physical aspect an element of training. We keep saying Rickson is slow and methodical, but every BJJ fight I've ever seen him in, he was sprinting to a finish.

Here is the important thing though that I have heard from a few black belts. You need to work your technique first. Once you got that, you can always work your conditioning later. Roger didn't start his strength and conditioning I read until he was a black belt and training in New York with Martin Rooney the MMA strength coach. I heard a lot of good guys didn't pick up a weight until black belt. Rickson has been a black belt so long, and probably only after his black belt and his game was more defined did he realize the type of conditioning training his body and game needed.

When you are good enough, you will meet guys who are just as good as you. Then you will definitely need strength on your side. You see guys like Caio Terra and Bruno Malfacine. Evenly skilled but Bruno I heard is much stronger. Sometimes that becomes the deciding factor. If you have both, then even better.


  1. Any strength or conditioning drills that you recommend?

  2. Yes. Any drill that involves crawling. Any pulling exercises like rows, pull ups, chin ups, row cardio machine. And any hip drill. You can find those in a lot of football work outs, they do a lot of hip drills.



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