Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Teach Them Nothing

You really want to teach them nothing, show them everything.

If you try to teach a whole year's worth of history in one day, the class will remember nothing. This is true for most things. This is a good tool to use for teaching and learning BJJ as well. If you teach too many things, moves, concepts, details, the student will remember nothing. The teacher should then pick just a few things to focus on and drill a lot. The student if shown a great deal of moves should try to only remember a handful of those moves and focus on that the rest of class. Make the most of the situation.

In history, those who always did the best or knew the most, always had specialized knowledge in one area. With one area of expertise they learned everything.

So instead of learning every move or teaching it, just learning a few moves really well, teaches you nearly every move BJJ has to offer.

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