Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why And How

Those are two philosophical trains of thoughts. Why and how? A lot of Western philosophy is all about why, why do we do this, why are we good or bad, why do bad things happen, why do I think, why do we believe in gods or God, why do we care about quality, etc.

Another more Eastern way of thinking is not focusing on the why, but on the how. Like how can we fix this, how can I move on with my life, etc.

This method of thinking can be applied to your life. It's not important why you got fired, it's important how you can start to make money again and more of it. This is also an efficient way to think about Jiu Jitsu. Actually I think that is what Jiu Jitsu is, not why someone did something, but how do you react to that.

I've seen coaches yelling at their students after a bad match and asking them, "why did you do that?" The student doesn't know why he made that error nor is that even important. If he did something wrong, its more important to figure out how to fix that problem, or how do you enhance their strengths.

If someone grips your collar, it's not important why they did that, it's important to know how to break that grip and how to use that grip against your opponent.

Whys lead to a series of more whys and then you just end up in mental jibberish. When you think about how, you get right to the point and start to become productive. Why also has its place, but it's more about investigation, whereas how is about creativity and productivity.

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