Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Animal Instincts

Most animals when they attack, they automatically try to mount whatever they are attacking. Most animals also try to avoid being pinned on their backs. This is also instinct for most humans, they come in the door wanting to mount and avoid being mounted and pinned. These are good natural traits that we can build upon. Somewhere in the training we forget these instincts, they don't get enhanced. We lean its easier to hold someone down in cross side of half guard. We learn to accept being pinned, and are told to remain calm and lose any sense of urgency. We stay flat on our backs instead of always angling off to the side.

Sometimes a new person will walk into a school and the instructor will have them train with someone and have their student hold the new person down in mount and not let them up to prove a point. Either to prove how little they know, or how their instincts are wrong. Wonder what would happen if that new guy was instead show a simple concept idea of escaping their hips, and were told that this one concept added to their instinct of not wanting to be pinned will make them extremely hard to hold down from that day on. That their instinct was right, just unpolished.

Or from day one, a better way to mount. Instead of sitting on their chest and putting your knees on their arms, how to spread out your weight.

What if from day one, we were able to teach the student a game and teach them Jiu Jitsu in a natural way based around their natural instincts? Animals are naturally very dangerous and great killers because they mount and they are hard to pin. Evolution in that instance did all the work. What if we just enhance evolution. It wouldn't be about creating any new moves, just reorganizing the way its taught, the flow, the order things are taught and the way these ideas are framed. Not as some foreign martial arts magic, but based on things we are already familiar with. Don't show them what they don't know, or prove they know nothing. Show them what they already know instinctually. This is my what if.

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