Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Cling

People who know no BJJ come in with the ability to still cling. You tell someone to take someone's back and finish them, they will have no idea how to do it and the art of taking the back, staying on the back, and finishing has to start from the beginning, from ground zero... BJJ is all about efficiency and this may not be the most efficient way to teach.

You take someone who knows no BJJ, and simply ask them to cling to someone's back and they will naturally take the back with hooks in, if you tell them to cling and not be shaken off, they will naturally grip their arms around the torso and their legs in as hooks. From there you simply teach the transition of clinging, and choking while still maintaining the cling. Some may naturally get to the bulk of the rear naked positioning if you just ask them to now cling to your opponents neck as opposed to their torso. It's using what they naturally have instinctually and building upon it.

The idea of clinging is not just from the back but from lots of positions, basically anytime you clinch. Standing or on the ground.


  1. I always teach to be a backpack on your opponent.

  2. Yes exactly. make it as simple as possible so any child can understand.



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