Monday, August 29, 2011

Long Or The Short Of It

Someone may ask you a question, but a lot of times they don't really want an answer. They want you to give them something short, and for you to pretend that's the answer. Sometimes you may wind up answering it anyway, and they look at you like, why are you telling me so much. Give me a simple answer.

For me now I tend to ask, if they want the long answer or the short one. Short one being something like, "just push his head," or, " keep your elbows in." A short answer is just one detail of the long answer. Long answer being the actual concept. The actual answer. As a trainer, sometimes someone will ask me how to lose weight. I give them this long answer and they look very sad. So I tell them something simple, like do 15 mins of cardio every morning, and they look very happy. They want it easy, simple, and they want to believe it.

People's want of short answers is what probably prevents a lot of BJJ, or a lot of information in general from being learned, or at the very least makes it take longer. Yet BJJ is supposed to be about efficiency...

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