Friday, August 19, 2011

Other Problems

Someone once told me a story about how they became a millionaire. Before they made it, they had many failures, one where they lost their last ten thousand dollars. He had a wife, kids, bills, debt, he was done. His life was over. He called his wife and told her what happened. She told him, you've got other problems if you think ten thousand dollars will mean anything in your lifetime...

And he dusted himself off, went out and failed some more and more. Then he succeeded and here he is now. It doesn't matter if you fail a thousand times, people only remember the time you succeeded. You can lose the lottery 1,000 times, but you only need to win once. The lesson for my friend was, ten thousand means nothing in comparison to all the money he should end up earning in his lifetime.

You will have setbacks that you think will end your progress or end your goals. If you think getting hurt, moving and starting over somewhere, losing a tournament, not getting your belt, leaving your school, running out of money so you can't train, feel like you are just not getting any better or improving, or whatever else there is. If you think any of that will mean anything in your BJJ lifetime, you've got other problems. Other problems outside of BJJ. For my friend, if he would have given up at that point in his life, it would only validate that he had other problems, like he gave up easily, he was fear driven, and he would definitely have problems with his wife.



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