Thursday, August 25, 2011

Over Thinking

A BJJ colleague of mine said something to me that struck me as very important and I never forgot it. It was told to me by Rolly from

Let me rephrase this concept because it's an important one.  Don't try to out think your opponent. Make them out think you. Make them over think...

It's what classically happens when a lower belt goes with a black belt. The lower belt beats themselves, trying to think so far ahead. He is grabbing me here, setting this up, then he will do this, then that, and before you know it, you basically beat yourself and you tapped mentally, before tapping physically. And you are asking him, "how he was so many moves ahead of you?" When all he did was throw up a tight armbar.

Don't over think, be patient, let them freak themselves out. Love it. Classic BJJ mental game.

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