Monday, August 15, 2011

Proper Timing

Timing isn't always about reacting. Timing is having foresight to see the right scenario to come along and acting upon it when it does. It's seeing what's about to happen before it happens and preparing for it. It's not about doing it when the right scenario isn't there. Like the first companies to market on anything usually (but not always) fail. Like Friendster was first but the timing wasn't there, they were not prepared but Facebook was and they came later and took over. Or the first cellphone makers for that matter. They did it when the time wasn't right.

Sometimes the right time hasn't come and there's an idea but people abandon it because they thought it was stupid. Whenever you see someone product come out, you always hear someone say "I thought of that years ago!" Well why didn't you do anything about it? Because you thought it was stupid. People thought the electric car was stupid too, now it's coming back.

Ray Kurzweil, a brilliant inventor and futurist has countless patents. He also has all these patents waiting to be patented, when the timing is right. He said all the inventions and ideas he has aren't necessarily ready to be made right now because people aren't ready or the technology isn't there. Doesn't mean he has abandoned it. He has schematics of when he thinks the technology will be there and the people will be ready for this invention, and when the time comes he will be prepared, and use proper timing. When you wait to react, you are already too late. If you go now, you are too early (like a lot of CGI moves that were made when CGI wasn't ready and it looked terrible). Timing is about preparation for something you see that is about to happen. So have it ready. George Lucas and James Cameron had ideas for movies that they sat on for decades because they knew eventually the technology would be ready, so they waited, didn't abandon the idea, and made lots of money.

There is something even called patent trolling that big corporations do that patent inventions and ideas before anyone can even come up with the idea using vague legal language. Somehow through our legal system, it is possible to steal someone's idea before they've even come up with them.

Timing is coming up with ideas, or preparing for things that haven't happened yet. Or inventing something that can't be invented yet. Your mind somehow travels in time by almost seeing how your thought it a piece of a puzzle that hasn't been made yet.

So what does this have to do with BJJ? That's a big question. It has everything and nothing to do with it. Normally I explain how something in life relates to BJJ, or how BJJ relates to something in life. This time I'd rather not explain it and let the reader work out how it all relates to this game of strategy. To me this concept of timing is the essence of the most beautiful aspects of BJJ. The part that seems so Zen, and makes some guys look superhuman compared to other BJJ players.

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