Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Types Of Learners

I have had discussions with people where I have discussed different methods to teach, and the best way for our brains to learn. The usual counterpoint is, what if they are a  better visual learner, or a better audio learner, or are better at learning from application (kinestethic).

Scientists are debunking the myth of different types of learners. The brain is the brain and from person to person, it is more similar than it is different. There are just better ways for a brain to learn. Not the old thinking of, every type of teaching is good based on the student.

There is no evidence that there are visual, audio, or any other type of learner. There are just fast learners, or slow learners. It may not even be about the learning style like audio, or visual. It may be more of an issue of subject, better at learning math than history. Better at learning wrestling than submissions.

The modality of learning should be based more on the subject matter, than on the individual. Unless the learner is blind, deaf, etc.

What are we left with for martial arts? Just deep learning and deep practice. Seeing it, doing it, repeating it, experimenting with it, repeating it, owning it.

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