Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BJJ Exchange

Imagine a BJJ class setting where maybe the teacher presents a certain situation and asks the students to try to figure out their own solution to the problem presented. Using purely their own creativity and individual problem solving skills. Or they can even brainstorm in groups, test their ideas, etc. Then come back to the middle and each person or group shares their results, their problems, situations they are getting stuck with.

This will encourage better problem solving skills for the student. The teacher also shows what he's come up with to solve this problem. It is not the right way, it is just one solution he has come up with. He has delegated several other minds though (the minds of his students) to come up with a better solution. 30 heads is more efficient than 1 head. Every good leader should be a good delegator, and the best delegator is not always the brightest mind. He delegates to the bright minds.

In this manner, the teacher becomes a teacher/student and the students become student/teachers.

It's just a class scenario I would love to see someday...


  1. I was once in Marc Laimon's where he pulled out a video of a situation in an MMA fight and asked what they would do in that situation.



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