Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Center

I've talked about the center a whole lot. I keep thinking of new ways that this becomes relevant. I think about how important it is to control your center in a BJJ match. Like when you are playing guard, where their hands are? Is it in the middle or is it on the outside? Like in your closed guard, are their hands on your center line or is it on your biceps/armpit? Controlling all the action that happens in the middle is key to victory. It's harder for your opponent to stand up or break your guard with their hands outside of the middle, so you have to be ready once they place their hands on the centerline to move their arm to one side or the other of that centerline or midline.

A good example of this concept is when someone is trying to knee through pass your guard. Imagine you split your center up. Your waist is one line. There is also another line from your nose to your crotch. As they attempt to pass, you have to see where their weight is relation to those two lines. If they are just starting to pass, their weight is still behind your waistline, so you can push off their knee and hip escape backwards to recover guard. If they are too far pass your waistline and their weight is too far forward, you can push them even more forward with your knee as you get to all fours. If their weight is too far too one side, you can look to sweep. If it's too far to the other side, you can swing into deep half guard and sweep right away.


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