Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shortening The Lever

For someone smaller and weaker to generate more technical power, they can try to shorten the lever. You can sit back deep on your heels when someone tries to break your posture, or when applying a kimura from on top, pull your arms tight to your center, that connectedness and centeredness I spoke about. And try sitting on your heels. Then your lever is that much shorter and easier to generate force.

When let's when someone is in your guard and trying to pick you up, you can extend that lever by sliding your shoulders backwards and climbing your legs high onto their back. Now your weight is no longer underneath them where they can pick you up, but extended far beyond their head. Now you seem a whole lot heavier. It's like holding a weight close to your chest or holding that weight far away from you with extended arms.

Instead of physical power, this is the power of physics.


  1. Perhaps I will offer this advice to the moron who LITERALLY said to me the other day, "I am working on my bottom game with smaller people." Then he proceeded to muscle an armlock on me (I am considerably smaller than this guy). Uh, dude, maybe you should try that on another 6-0 200 pounder? I thought, oh wow, you are working on your game with people you can already physically dominate!? How very progressive! How inspirational! What a lofty goal! okay, end of sarcasm.

    Your point is well taken. The bread and butter of my game is precise positioning of the lever. One inch off, and I am toast. The smaller person's game is an endless fascinating maze of frames, leverage, angles, and wedges.


  2. hey dag I know exactly what you mean. Hey I noticed now it says brown belt on your profile. When did that happen???

  3. Sam-

    A few weeks ago. I was completely blown out of the water and extremely happy. I knew it was coming around the corner, but I kept my nose to the grindstone and my focus sharp. Several months ago Fabio mentioned I was "getting close," and I thought, uh, yeah riiiight. I told Fabio that day, "You know, I don't mind being overcooked." Promotion can be harrowing, but I must say, this promotion was the most fun. I titled the post "Dirt is Beautiful."


  4. well belated congratulations! based on the dedication you just show online I am sure you deserved it and was long overdue.



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