Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Jiu Jitsu isn't so hard. It's not. Sure there's a lot of moves but there's only 4 limbs to attack, one neck to choke, and you can sweep by removing one or more posts. It's mostly made up of a few gross motor movements such as the hip escape.

It's just when you go live, things happen very quickly. You don't have time to go through your database of moves and know which one to do right when you need to do it, and when you do, your timing is off. It's not that you don't know how to properly execute a move, so a lot of times going over that move isn't necessary. It's that when you roll live, things are happening so quickly, you don't have enough time to do every move properly or sometimes you don't have time to do a move at all. Very few competitors do every move perfectly, it's too fast sometimes to even do the simplest move correctly. That's why I don't know if it's like kinetic chess, because in chess you get turns. In BJJ you don't always get turns, your opponent may take all your turns. And speed isn't as important in chess as strategy. The best competitors can do maybe a few moves properly at a very high speed and under duress.

You do the best you can in the time allotted. Doing moves properly is important, doing moves against resisting opponents is important, and practicing moves quickly and making it as minimal and efficient as possible is also very important. Start things slow and speed up as you get better at them.

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