Thursday, October 20, 2011

Changing Phone Carriers And BJJ

When you switch to a new phone carrier, it's not so much that the other carrier seemed so much more appealing. Though that has something to do with it also. But it's more like, you are just unhappy with your current carrier, and that's why you switch. It's not that this other carrier seemed so good, it's that your current company was not making you happy and not taking care of you.

Sometimes people will do moves, make moves, change their game, change their school, change their teacher, model their game after a different player. Sometimes it's because they get swept up in the hype. But most of the time, just like in business, it's because they aren't happy with what they have. And BJJ is also a business. So people try new schools. Get new DVDs. Get onto a new program. Buy a book of new moves. Take private lessons from someone. It's all to satisfy their need to make make up for whatever is lacking. It's in the incentive to make money to make sure those other options are out there. It's also in the incentive to keep people happy to keep making money.

Happy phone carriers don't switch coverage. Happy couples don't cheat.

And in the opposite end, if whatever you have has always been working for you. Like for instance Roger, who has seen all these techniques, teachers, ideas come down the pipe. If he never had success with his simple approach, he would have switched something. But because it always gave him success, and he's been happy with it, he is now a very happy grappler.

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