Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Gun Holster

If you wore a gun holster, where would it be? On your hip. When you train BJJ, what should you do? Protect your gun holster, because it is your great equalizer. If you allow someone to put their hand on your hip, they can flatten your hip down and pin you on your back.

From the bottom you must frame and protect the hip. From the top, when you are passing. Try to get to their hip. It's like going for your opponent's gun, once you control it, they don't have much power. This will help you attain your goal.

What is your goal? Well anyone who wants to beat up someone, hold someone down, et.c will want to get pass their opponents legs. Why? Because they want to get chest to chest on them. That's what you would naturally want, that's what anyone kid would want. It's just that someone naturally doesn't always think to get pass the legs to get chest to chest, they just want to get to that chest to chest position somehow. The best way to be that close to someone though is by passing their legs. That's what passing is, it's a set of techniques to get to your natural goal of chest to chest. What happens when you get there? You can put all your weight on them and make your opponent, friend, younger brother miserable. You see kids, they naturally hold each other down chest to chest, and get perpendicular. It's also how they do it in pro wrestling. Kids are natural pro wrestlers.

What else would you naturally do? Sit on their chest. Why? So you could hit them, pin their arms down, or dangle a loogie over their face. So the mount is also a natural thing. We have to demystify these positions to what they really are, a form of our natural tendencies and wants.

We want to naturally protect our hip, its where we would hold our guns. We want to control our opponents hips. This will get us to the chest to chest AKA pass, or to sit on their chest AKA mount. Cultivate those instincts, they are not wrong.

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  1. In that scenario, (someone trying to beat me up and take my gun) the singular goal is to stop the threat.




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