Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Memory is like water in your hands that you are trying to dump into a bucket. It leaks and leaks quickly. So you must quickly dump it into the bucket to preserve as much water content.

So when you are being shown a move, if the instructor spends ten minutes explaining and going over details, by the time you go to practice it, you won't even remember where to start. You will just remember how smart the explanation was and how well worded it was.

Just like water, you must see it demonstrated, then quickly move to practice it. Then as you get to practicing it, ask questions, have it corrected. Come back, be shown another detail. Quickly go apply it.

When the instructor says, should I see it again, people think they are doing themselves a service by watching it again. Actually that's that much longer you must wait to apply it. Instead of ten minutes, how about a 2 minute explanation. The go practice. Then another 2 minute explanation. Practice. Until it adds up to ten minutes...

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