Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dynamic Climbing

I've been indoor bouldering a bit these days. I love it. There are two ways to climb, dynamically or dyno as they call it or statically. Dynamic is where you sometimes lunge or leap for a hold. Static is where every grip and hold you take, it's purposeful and stable. I was asking a trainer about this, he said inside you can climb dyno, it's a lot of fun. But outside he said he only climbs static, because it's life or death out there.

He also told me he himself doesn't even climb dyno inside the rock gym, because he doesn't want to teach himself unrealistic habits.

It made me think of BJJ. Would you change your style if your life depended on it? How about choices in life?

At the same time though with all that said, there are certain goals you want to attain. A certain precipice you want to reach, and sometimes the only way you can get there is through dynamic movements. You risked your life for a goal. There is that whole side too. But the amount of dyno moves they used I guarantee was very conservative.

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