Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting Older

A friend started BJJ as a young man. He was all about the sport, competing, seeing how he was against other competitors. Now he's gotten older and greyer. He said he tried fooling himself for a while, but he just isn't the same. He just can't hang with the young men who were like him when he started, hungry and fit, and needed to see how good they were.

Now his goal has changed. He didn't use to care about self defense before, but now that's why he trains. He trains to see if he can apply BJJ to keep himself safe at all times. 

He can't out sport a young man in that young man's game, but he can still continue to love the art. His goal in training is different so how he trains is different and the techniques he learns is different. And he is becoming a more complete martial artist as opposed to just a BJJ player.

Is your goal to be a BJJ competitor or a martial artist?


  1. Great post. I am somewhere in that middle age range where I am know the "young guns" will be taking me out. LOL. I definitely agree that I am in search of becoming a more complete martial artist.

  2. We all get there or we quit before we get there.

  3. Interesting post, but your question presents a false choice. Competitor or martial artist?

    I'm sure many players can classify themselves one way or the other, but I don't think there's necessarily an "either/or" choice to the matter. I started BJJ a long time ago as a "hobby roller" interested in cross training for my other passions (surfing, rugby). In those days, I even competed a few times although I look back on that now and realize I didn't know shit.

    Then I put down the rolling for a few years to concentrate on my passions, and came back to BJJ just because. Competed again. Just because.

    Now I'm back again, much older, done with rugby and not surfing much, and I'm more stoked on the BJJ process than I ever was before. I am stoked on the art itself and it's physical requirements of me as it should help me stay healthy as I get into my 50's.

  4. Cool man. Yeah BJJ is ever evolving and we evolve with it, maybe in 5 years you will have a different perspective. In 5 years again a totally different perspective. The longer you train, the more unique reasons we will probably need to keep training.



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