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Amal Easton BJJ

I am going to be reprinting some old classic entries from my previous blog called The Angry Grappler. It will chronicle the evolution in my understanding of martial arts.

05 March 2008 @ 11:28 pm

Past few days I have been doing 2 a days at Easton BJJ. It's in Boulder Colorado and the first thing you notice is the altitude. It's super high and super cold. It's like rocky training. This is what I mean by 2 a days. I wake up. Go to Amal's. Do the day class at noon. Train for an hour and a half. Come back and drink some Jamba Juice. Go to the sauna for 45 mins. Take a freezing shower. Nap. Eat again. Go train. Shower. Eat again. And ice and ibuprofen. All the training and traveling is taking a toll on my body for sure. But its all worth it.

Training at Easton BJJ has been amazing. I feel my cardio is up and my techniques that much better. All the guys there are eager and have a true passion for BJJ as well as all the instructors and assistant instructors. I like their infrastructure of respect based on rank and responsibility, higher ranks teach, some clean, some do administrative, etc. Like a bee hive. I liked that a lot. And the amount of respect to the instructors and the higher belts gave jiu jitsu its martial arts appeal back to me.

I also met Tyrone Glover here. He is out here for school and I rolled with him a bit and he is one of the most athletic black belts I've seen. Its like I know he's better, hes smarter, more technical, but more athletic too? How do I fight that? I told him about how Ricky Lundell ran me through a d'arce clinic and of course Tyrone did the same thing haha. I rolled with one of the black belt instructors there named Nick Kline and he was very gracious and even allowed me to play my game a bit. He has a great guard and half guard game, and uses his long legs to lace through and sweep. iIve seen no 2 black belts with similar games.

Amal taught a class and he's very specific on how he wants things done and pays attention to details to see if you are doing it right. I liked that a lot. The class is structured so we kind of follow along first then try it out on our own and it's all timed. Their warm ups are killer as well too. They got a preset warm up that really doesn't only warm you up, but for me wears you out.

Rolling with Amal Easton was very cool. He showed me a lot of mistakes I was making, like my pressure is good until I get scared and give up all the hard work I did to gain ground. When I am on bottom, he showed me a few tips to make my bottom game a lot more effective and less tiring. Like from being sidemounted, having the arm under their chin and monitoring the hip, which is something my instructor Shawn Williams advocates as well, and instead of bench pressing, you bridge high and lift with your elbows, push your shoulders back and shrimp then retain guard. Little things like that will go a long way for my game. Also monitoring the hip.

My game was too loose as he pointed out and I can see that myself. Every mistake I made with him , every limb i put out there, he kept. He was very tight. He wasn't fast and had a very economic functional game and I hope to some day be like that as well.

Training in Boulder was great and I may do it again because I have a buddy who trains there as well.
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