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I am going to be reprinting some old classic entries from my previous blog called The Angry Grappler. It will chronicle the evolution in my understanding of martial arts.
15 December 2009 @ 05:52 pm

So my time is winding down and am I any harder to tap than before? If anything I think I am easier to tap...which is a good thing. Giving myself that proper time to tap as much as I can, one day I will be impossible to tap, that is also when my learning curve slows to a crawl. I want my learning curve as steep as possible for as long as possible.

The main thing of interest lately is the idea that BJJ is divided into 2 philosophies. BJJ and GJJ. Gracie JJ and Brazilian JJ.

What are the main differences? Gracie JJ is about all the fundamental positions, about surviving, defending, reversing, submitting. BJJ is more sportive, more innovative, more aggressive, more wrestling and Judo, more about points.

When I read interviews of the late Helio Gracie, I used to think he was out of date, antiquated, and irrelevant. A lot of Jits players felt this way. Now even more than ever, since receiving my purple I feel Helio was right all along. As I get better the more I go back to that old idea of Jiu Jitsu, the one I tried initially to get away from.

This is what I now believe. If a black belt gets stuck in a blue belt of equal size's closed guard. No time limit. The black belt is unable to get out of the closed guard, eventually the black belt will get submitted.

So why open the guard? If he makes you that's one thing, but if he can't get you to open it, keep your legs closed and submit them. Now if your finish ration is so high in closed guard, why not do whatever you can to get back to that guard?

If you are on top, and you know how dangerous the closed guard is, you know its in your best interest to not only pass the guard, but to put yourself in a position to make it the hardest to recover closed guard. Which is either mount or back mount.

Now if a blue belt mounts a black belt and no time limit, and the black belt cannot escape, eventually the white belt will submit him.

Now the mount, back mount, closed guard are all the same. My legs around their waist. What else is in common is the high finishing ratio. The final thing in common is the amount of patience you need to get that finish.

If you have a really high fat percentage, you will get some kind of cardiovascular disease. It's not about if, its about when. The same with that old school style of BJJ, it's like a disease, an infection, it will spread slowly over time till you are finished.

An incurable disease will kill you 100% of the time eventually. A bullet may or may not kill you, but it will happen quickly...
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