Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I was rolling with a blue belt from another academy the other day. I am by no means no master. I do think I know what a master is though. A master in BJJ means you are a master storyteller, and your story is of course BJJ.

I was training with the blue belt and he had moves and ideas but he kept changing the way he began, and the path he took led off into tangents and ultimately I didn't know what his end goal was. I know his goal was to finish, but what kind of finish, how, at what point?

It's like a story with no plot, or a business with no plan. It can succeed sometimes but usually not. There are guys like that who have no real story to tell, just a lot of different endings. And sometimes that's cool and entertaining and they will finish some people. Most of the time though it's predictable and boring and when it leads off into a tangent, you just finish their story for them.

A good BJJ player same as a good storyteller creates a strong beginning that sets up everything for later on. The plot is the middle of the game, the ride, you promised your audience something at the beginning and you are now taking them on that ride to fulfill that promise. The ending then knocks down everything you set up prior and everything is synced up the way it should be. You carefully plotted it step by step. BJJ is your story and you want to tell the story well. If you don't and lose your focus and forget where you were going with it, your opponent will finish your story for you. In his story he is the hero and ultimately the champion. You are the bad guy and the one who had to be defeated. Even when he tells the story of the victory, he will be the main character and he had to overcome everything to beat you.

It's the same with all ventures in life. Same with running or managing a business. A lot of martial arts schools fail because they had no plan, no goals, no foundation, no stages or phases.

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