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Derby City Martial Arts

I am going to be reprinting some old classic entries from my previous blog called The Angry Grappler. It will chronicle the evolution in my understanding of martial arts.

22 March 2008 @ 04:16 pm

Brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA is everywhere. This is proof. Actually MMA is huge in the South and in the Midwest. Seems like everyone is a fighter or has hopes to be. I came upon this school because I have been buddies for a long time with one of their fighters, Nick Albin AKA Chewy AKA Tugboat. He invited me over, I stayed at his place, we ate clean, trained hard all week. He helped me a lot with incorporating wrestling with my JJ. Which has now become the theme of this trip, incorporating wrestling with JJ. Wrestling isn't just takedowns, it only begins with takedowns.

Colin and Kyle the BJJ instructors were so cool and laid back and gracious and I got to roll with both killers who prove to me that BJJ is alive and well in the heartland. There are some drills and moves they showed me that I will take with me and keep practicing. A lot of it is good old fashioned bread and butter BJJ. And also this trip has opened my eyes to perspectives, and they had a lot of simple ways to get around moves I didn't think about. A lot of controlling their legs with your hand when you are on top as opposed to fighting for an underhook let's say. And spinning around. Guys here were spinning and taking my back here like tops.

Another fighter I got to work with a bit is George, who was closer to my weight and a hell of a JJ guy. Their wrestling class was fun and a lot of little details I learned that I will need to work on, on my own.

There are also a lot of MMA guys there who train strictly MMA it seems. They are explosive to roll with. I almost forgot what it was like to roll with Non-JJ guys. You got to ground them and start to work grips and keep them planted so they can't back out and if they stand, get underneath them. When I came here, I came with 2 lightly sprained ankles that I got at ATT. And eventually one guy I did roll with dropped down for a heel hook and popped my ankle and I had to escape because I didn't even have time to tap, because he went so fast. I got scared that my whole trip was going to end because I got my knee shredded. Luckily my ankle just swelled up a bit but my knee felt ok. This is not indicative of the school, but every academy has dudes or scenarios you got to be mindful of. A reminder for me to always tap early, especially to leg locks, such as heel hooks. But general rule of thumb in BJJ is no heel hooks with gis on, and lower belts should never try them, and when high belts do, should be done with utmost control. You train smart and you train long.

I had a great time here and had a lot of fun and got into incredible shape thanks to Chewy and the guys at Derby City. Everyone there is tough and made me feel like a white belt. Even the kids. I feel beat up and will probably take the rest of the weekend off.

But I loved Derby City!
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